2 thoughts on “Nicholas Carr, The Bad Boy”

  1. Members of the “professional” press (AKA Mainsteam Press) complain, like Carr, about the “amateur” press (AKA bloggers). Problem is many bloggers do a much better job than the “professional” press not necessarily for reasons of quality, but time and focus. Most journalists who work at mainstream publications are not (and cannot) be experts in every single field they cover. Bloggers can fill in that gap and help journalists write better stories. My blog, Muniwireless.com, has done just that and I have been very happy working with journalists in mainstream publications (e.g. the Wall Street Journal).

    I don’t know if I am an “amateur” (in the derogatory sense) in the eyes of Carr and others like Mike Langberg of the SJ Mercury News. Actually I don’t care if that’s what they think of me and my site. I just keep doing what I do.

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