5 thoughts on “Nimbuzz for Ovi Downloaded a Million Times”

  1. Nothing I have yet downloaded from the OVI store has worked. Wondering if the download to success and the retention ratio and churn is on OVI as high as on GetJar. GetJar is a very bad platform if you are looking for high quality customers. I have he same experience with OVI. Once you got more than 2 apps on a Symbian the operation system and hardware on the phone starts breaking and you need to flash the phone and start from scratch. The OVI platform is just not that well designed and the handsets (smartphone’s) from Nokia neither. Tested the N900 and it was horrible compared to the Nexus One or my iPhone. Wonder how long Nokia got to get it right.

    1. Hi Rick,

      Tobias from Nimbuzz here.

      What Symbian phone are you using and when did you last try the download?

      Also, are you downloading via the Ovi App on your mobile, or the website?

      Our Symbian client is the most amazing (ok, I am biased here 🙂 ) Would really love your feedback.

  2. Congratulations to Tobias and the Nimbuzz team. They make one of the best apps on the market and a testament to their quality has been the more then 27 million downloads they’ve done here on GetJar. Part of that success has been a relentless pursuit of quality on every OS and device. The rest has been a consistent focus on improving the download experience and making sure their app is always top of mind for consumers. There’s a reason why they are at the top of our US download charts month after month.

    congratulations guys!

    Patrick Mork
    VP Marketing

  3. @windycity

    Yes, there is. You can use NimbuzzOut for that, which is in the Phonebook tab.

    NimbuzzOut is a cheap calling solution. You just top up your calling credits on NimbuzzOut and then call numbers from your phonebook for dirt cheap 😉

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