8 thoughts on “Nimbuzz says it has 50 million users”

  1. As far as am concern, nimbuzz is the best mobile IM. Its good for calls. I have tried to register to nimbuzz ping, but my network provider is not included, pls am using MTN Nigeria, pls i need something to be done about that.

  2. Nimbuzz was the installed IM aggregator app on my Symbian phone so at first I started using it there and then on the iPod touch, MacBook and PCs. Out of all versions the Symbian one is the best integrated and capable with other phone functions such as voicemail and call handling. I have not used it for VoIP calls yet. Now that Skype has gone to the dark side, I may try making calls.

    There have been some questions as far as how secure the service is as it stores all of your passwords. We’ll see.

  3. I hear that some people made “war id” in nimbuzz.
    They made war id to abuse nimbuzz room with flood.
    Imagine some people made hundreds or even thousands id for they self..

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