12 thoughts on “Nokia 770 Coming to US, November 10”

  1. I’d really like to help you with you mini-blog.

    I’m SF-local if that helps. I’m also a developer, so I’d love to help you crate a sample app for the 770. I’m dying to play with the Yahoo! maps api with a device like this!


  2. anders and james, drop me a note using the contact form, and i will totally love to connect with you on this.

    i guess it is going to be simple blog, which aggregates latest ad-ons, how-tos, and software apps for 770. i find it tough when new devices come out and its hard to find all the links to that. our inspiration should be treonauts.com


  3. Om,

    Is this tablet really worth its own blog? Is it in some way revolutionary or merely a neat-o evolutionary device? Will it change the world?

  4. Joe, it does seem strange that a phone company is introducing what’s basically an Internet appliance. Nokia, however is wisely positioning and betting on WiFi proliferation; a safe bet. The cell phone industry of the past 15 years is dying. VoIP services like Skype, Gizmo, and others when combined with WiFi (and eventually WiMax) will render voice over cellular obsolete. Aside from WiFi, the 770 also supports Bluetooth 1.2, including Dial Up Networking. If you needed cellular connectivity to the Internet, it might be accomplished that way. Personally, I would love to see EV-DO or EDGE in the 770, but maybe we’ll see that in the next-gen device.

  5. TabithaMc –

    I would say it IS a revolutionary device.

    People have been hammering for some time at the space between a PDA and a laptop or a TabletPC — probably a dozen devices have failed in this niche. There’s a reason so many people are trying though; there’s a real need and interest. If Nokia has it right, look out!

    This device is lightweight, turns on instantly, shows a full web-page width — it lets you stick the web in your pocket and take it out for five minutes here or there. It won’t be your primary computer, but will run your desktop apps if you need. I’m going to use it to read e-books, somebody else will play games on it, somebody else will keep their calendar and address book on it. It’s flexible enough to handle a lot of the secondary things, focused enough on the primary use to keep costs down (no hard drive, etc.).

    I check email, certain websites, rss feed, etc. every hour or so all day. I get away from my computer and I still have that urge — better check now!. Maybe it’s web addiction; the 770 will be my methadone.

  6. I am also be interrested in the mini-blog project. I’m a college student (MIS) so I might also be able to give a slightly different take on this device. I think the potential for this device is huge, and I can’t wait till the developer community get’s their hands on it. If there is anything I can help with, let me know.

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