10 thoughts on “Nokia 8801, The Porsche of Phones?”

  1. I’ve got one of these myself (it’s been out here in the UK for a while, but called the 8800 here). It’s really, *really* good! Feels really solid, and does look amazing. They also have a 2 year warranty, and priority service from Nokia, which is quite good.

    I’d recommend it, anyway. The best thing is that after about three months of ownership, I’ve only ever seen TWO other people with this phone! Just think how many Sony Ericssons etc. you see every day – I love that this phone is rare!

  2. I would absolutely buy this phone, in fact, I’ve been tracing the developing of this bad boy since I first saw some pics pop up on Engadget a few months back. Soooo droolworthy.

    It’ll go right next to my $300 Cisco IP phone I barely use, and my black video iPod that I definitely never use 😉

  3. You know… the advertising for this phone should have been much more appealing than what it is. Have you seen the commercial? I don’t think anyone could find the seriousness in some chic stating how in order to get rid of her boyfriend she deletes his info from her phone. Lol totally retarded. Hi Om!!

  4. i had almost the same phone 6 years ago. the Nokia 8860. It was uber cool. too bad it got hot as hell when in use, and smudged and scratched easily.
    finally when it broke, they wouldn’t replace it.

    ah well. the real question is, does it have a button to pop-the thing open?
    that would be very cool.

  5. it slides open and it is pretty cool. 8860 was good looking phone but terrible. massive improvememnts – though cannot say antyhing about scratches as yet

  6. I have the 8801 and it is like my car, it is fine tuned machine, and is very well built and the phone is not light but the screen is not made of plastic but a type of crystal. It will not scratch very easily. And my car which i love to every detail is the audi S4, which reminds me of the phone. It does not have as much features as a treo, or an hp but is very classy. You really pay what you get, and i feel that you get all moneys worth

  7. This phone is worth 800 in Japan, Singapore or Hong Kong but it shouldn’t cost that much here. Some of you may be wondering what the 4th feature is, the my wallet feature. It’s that technology you’ve all heard of that allows you to pay for things with your phone. Although it’s advertised as a feature, it won’t work unless you are in Asia. Anyway, the phone is great, I got it for $120 so I can’t complain.

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