11 thoughts on “Nokia Buys Plum…Yawn!”

  1. nokia might have something up their sleeve 😉
    they do make a lot of money in countries like india and its a shame iphone and RIM has not made a dent in their market share here with their ridiculous pricing policies but hopefully android based phones will make some impact in india since the social media scene in india is just heating up right now with the number of households under broadband on the rise if palm plays their cards right they might do well in countries like india
    I wouldn’t just write them off yet but yes they need to innovate a lot to stay relevant
    with plum they can do stuff like roll out white label twitter for corporates combine it with their core phone os and they have a whole new market of small sme’s using the power of social media at workplace in countries like india for internal communications

  2. Yep…too little, too late. Creaky Symbian, even the “shiny” new Maemo 5 is not going to put humpty dumpty together again…Nokia is history.

  3. I think, this is a fairly crazy argument. Nokia is not history! Its got a massive market share. Infact its got a better network within every telecom provider in the East / Europe.

    Don’t write off Nokia just yet. They do sell more hardware each year than *every* other provider.

  4. “Yesterday, at our Mobilize 09 conference, industry insiders were using the Titanic analogy when referring to the Finnish handset maker, which is losing out to newer, more web-centric rivals such as RIM, Apple and Google.”

    From a website that has a section of Mac Love, you shouldn’t be afraid, the iPhone is remaining popular and the “most advanced” option of subsidized phones in America.

  5. The most interesting part about this is, upon first glance, I read the headline as:

    >>> “Nokia Buys Palm…Yawn!”

  6. If Nokia sinks well fed (with plums or something else it hasn’t tried before), it won’t have any regrets. But let’s not just stare at the dried-up plum it’s buying, the still-number-one-mobile-maker has the potential to surprise you by swallowing the iceberg itself.

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