8 thoughts on “Nokia Clarifies Its Future N-Series VoIP Plans”

  1. if the carriers do not like VOIP they should fight back? how? cheap unlimited voice calling over their superior circuit switched channel. and rock bottom priced international rates. than no one would even think about VOIP.

  2. Isn’t this an open approach on an open platform? Are Nokia expected to make a native application for every intended use of the handset? After all they have included a SIP stack so there is no reason that a developer can’t produce SIP client which would allow (in Markus words) folk to be as promiscuous with different SIP services as they like. This comes down to the simple issue that Nokia are not giving out a free Voip front end any more on some of there handsets so we will end up having to pay for one? I guess then at least there will be some support.

  3. OM-
    Carriers are looking for incremental value to their business model (either revenue improvement or cost savings). To date, beyond just techy speak of voip to voip calls, gadget lust, minisule international wireless voice traffic compared to domestic traffic, a clear and compelling value prop to the carriers has not been painted in real economic opportunity.

    So, it’s no wonder why the carriers aren’t rushing to adopt it (you wouldn’t either if it was your money). That’s why voip is a low priority and cool devices, 4G are the priorities.

    Now, some carriers aren’t closed mined though; some carriers are searching for the opportunity that might lead to VoIP.

  4. Nokia leaves us Asterisk users and VoIP tinkerers in the cold. We cannot develop our own Symbian clients. A very convincing comment on Phoneboy’s blog also says:

    Any third party application will have hard time to match the comfort of integrated symbian UI, where normal and internet calls are integrated together and one push of a button decides which one to make.

    That’s the point! I have elaborated it more on my today’s blog post:

    Markus Göbel’s Tech News Comments: Nokia leaves Asterisk users in the cold

  5. this is bs. i have an n85 ie fp2 phone and sip is integrated and works fine.. is recently used gizmo to call home overwifi for 3.9c per minute while skiing in canada..

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