One thought on “Nokia, going down down down”

  1. Might be time for a change of leadership. I listened to this quarter’s call and the last and the thing I noticed was how much less arrogant the CEO was. Clearly getting your butt kicked for two quarters may have done some good. But maybe they just need some new leadership – I mean here’s a company that couldn’t be in a better position from a brand perspective (until recently), and has a huge amount of cash on the balance sheet to give them a lot of options. The stock got pummelled this morning, but is already up off the floor – after all, with about $3/share, the company has to be worth at least $11-12/share. My solution: out with the CEO, out with the current design team and bring in a new set of designers (hell, hire away the whole team from one of the other companies) and get down to producing great phones again. That’s the only solution – just make sure you don’t hurt margins too much.

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