2 thoughts on “Nokia Maps Zooms Past 1.5M Downloads”

  1. I recall a coversation I had with a Nokia exec a couple years back where he said that they were going to do a big push to make money off services and software, at which point I told him that plan was fubar and that companies that do well at doing things like making really good phones should focus on the really good phones and that services and software should be free icing on the cake to encourage people to buy those phones. Looks like they might have the pendulum swinging in the right direction, now I just hope they expand the list of supported devices because I would kinda like to be able to use Ovi Maps on my E71 demo phone in Barcelona at MWC 😉

    1. Jason I absolutely agree and i think Nokia does too now. If you look at Nokia they have made some mistakes that every large company does: Became dominant player and go stagnant in innovation. And then when the American market which they were barely a player in because they focused on the world market so much shook them up with the iPhone and Android they took notice. Now they have put innovation into overdrive and are coming out with Symbian^3 and symbian^4 within 12 months of one another and they are completely open source and free.

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