7 thoughts on “Nokia Starts Its Big Music Push”

  1. Well, my Nokia is a camera, a camcorder an mp3 player and has an expandable slot (which currently has 64MB, but I guess I could go higher). The catch.. try using any of those things for a ‘satisfactory’ length of time, and u risk running out of battery in the middle of an exciting gossip session. 🙂

    So I think battery is what they need to work on if they are going to make more schizophrenic phones.

  2. OM – All these efforts are great – just a subtle reminder to all the folks out there – NOKIA has been trying to “crack the code” with music phones for a few years now – longer than Apple… hope in time they do!

  3. Why is Nokia still using hard drives (4 GB or 8 GB) in their music phones when, as Apple as shown in transitioning from the Mini to the Nano, that flash saves a ton of space. People like small phones, and I’m sure why Nokia isn’t doing that.

    Plus, well, most of their phones are either ugly or too big. I like how the N91 looks but ’tis a beast. Which is why switching to flash should be high on their list.

  4. sqrlnt, is 100% right. I can’t even make it through the day on a single charge if I get a lot of push e-mail on my VX6700, so, despite the 1 GB miniSD card and Mediaplayer, I wouldn’t dream of using my phone as a iPod replacement.

  5. nokia n sereies is the best collection that nokia intorduce.and i buy only nokia and ofcorse the best mobiles are nokia n91 and n95 keep on….

  6. Salut , cine are un music player pentru un nokia n73 ca nu casesc in cazul in care ai intra pe id meu plss ovi4ovo

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