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  1. I bought the N70 last week and I totally agree with you. It is a great phone, just the buttons are a little too small for my hands. 🙂

  2. Om, are you sure about the N70 being picked by Cingular? Some of those photos posted by Engadget are of the N80 with Cingular branding and partial FCC approval.

    Although there appears to be a second version of the N70 without the UMTS band and second camera that I think has been FCC approved which could be picked up by T-Mobile because of the single NA GSM band supported by the N70. This was also posted by Engadget I do believe.

  3. Om – Nokia/Cingular said that the N70 was going to be carried by Cingular? That’s very surprising, unless a new version is in the works.

    There are currently two known versions of the N70 in the world; the standard N70-1 which is sold everywhere except china and has triband GSM(900/1800/1900) and WCDMA 2100 (which allows UMTS services) and the N70-5, which is the china version and only has triband GSM.

    Releasing a new version would be very strange, because as the first commenter noted the N80 fits cingular (and indeed, north american) requirements even better, with quadband GSM and WCDMA 1900.

    Also, no currently shipping N70 will be able to support HSPDA. No handset does, at the moment.

    I agree that the N70 is a great phone, but it has a number of shortfalls as compared to upcoming symbian handsets which make it not really a good buy:

    1. No Wifi (Wifi will come with almost every single new symbian phone after this, including the E60, E61, E70, N80, N91)
    2. low resolution screen. (the screen resolution of the N70 is 176*208, the same as the very first nokia series 60 phone, the Nokia 7650. almost every single new symbian phone will have QVGA resolution or higher, including the E60, E61, E70, N71, N80)

    Symbian OS 9.1 on all new models is a bonus, but it’s hard to say whether it’ll be a bid deal. Early reports have said that it does make much better use of screen real estate however, which is a very good thing.

  4. Oh – and cingular does not have GSM 1900Mhz everywhere (please correct me if i’m wrong). Only T-mobile does, which is why for the Nokia N90’s US launch the handphone is being sold with a t-mobile account.

  5. i have read the macosxhints guide to adding the code to have iSync support the n70 and attempted it several times.
    i cannot get it to work though.

    i am using tiger 10.4.3 (fully updated) on a 1.33ghz 12in powerbook.

    any ideas?

  6. Om, I’m using the N70 and have already used the 6680. If you see from an average user’s point of view, there isn’t any major departures between the two devices. The keys are a lot cluttered in this one. The 2 megapixel camera is the lone cherry on the cake. Had there been Wi-Fi on this beauty (as you term it), it would have be worth noting. With no 3G here in India (and I presume even you can’t use most of the features in the States) gimme one good reason why one should not go for the Sony Ericsson K750i or the W800i in favour of the N70? These are affordable, have a better camera (with auto-focus) and play music (with a built-in equaliser) as well… The only reason that I can figure out to go for the N70 is its S60 OS. The present N-series is over-hyped and I’m waiting for the N80, that should prove Nokia’s mettle.

  7. there is a whole lot why its better than 6682, and well don’t get me started on sony phones. that’s a different story all together.

    better battery life, a better interface, much better sound quality and of course being lighter make it more useful.

  8. I want one of those keyboards!
    However, how can I transfer files via bluetooth to my PC. I refuse to use WinXP so don’t use the Nokia software. As a result, Nokia tech services refused to help me. grrrrr.
    With the Widcom bluetooth software on my PC I can transfer files from every phone I have used but not the N70. 🙁
    Otherwise it is a great phone.

  9. S’ok. I just solved it.
    Found that it works beutifuly in Linux. 🙂
    Using a little app called “Bluetooth File Sharing” by Edd Dumbill.

    Just another reason to stick with Linux. ^_^

  10. so can anyone reply to alex’s post on having followed the macosxhints guide and still not being able to get it to work?

    even with the new isync it doesnt work!

  11. This N70 is like the best phone ever! i looooove it! the camera is great! even though it misses autofocus… but still and the video recording? amazing! love the resolution of 352×288, thats like a VCD in Pal.. cool! haha im so exited about this phone, i was at first not shure wheter to go for the Sony Ericcson W800i or this Nokia N70, but u know Nokia is one of the best manufactores of mobile phone’s! so i’ll stick with Nokia. jup connecting people! 😉

  12. Yes, I agree M.Khan.
    Though, I wish there was a way of reducing the volume or even turning off the start-up jingle.
    It’s way too loud. 🙂

  13. I just bought a NOKIA n70. Its really fantastic after having to see the reviews and the set itself. Am just afraid if there is any carrier in US that carry this phone. I would like to know if the cingular could give me service. It would be of great help if it does work with CINGULAR? thankyou

  14. I agree that it’s a nice phone, however I found the Sony v800, although lacking some of the Nokia n70’s features, much more intuitive to use.
    Also, the PCsuite software, when used via usb, under Windows XP is very buggy: after a little browsing, Explorer hangs and you need to restart.
    And just now, the Contact Person sync module is hanging.
    This is the latest version (Dec 2005) of PCsuite, dl-ed from nokia.com …
    I think there are some serious memory leaks and/or pointer problems, as the event log shows bad memory access init’ed from the nokia stuff.
    Clearly not ready yet imho.
    Maybe the Bluetooth connectivity works better (which i don’t have on my pc yet)…

  15. i wonder,does the n70 have an infra red,if not what if my pc doesn not have a blue tooth and what are main features bco

  16. The N70 is a good phone to get – if you’re not in the US, or are only using t-mobile in the US.

    pp: Don’t get the 3230 – the 6630/6680/6681/6682/N70 are definitely better buys; and if you wait a little the N80 will arrive: and that’s virtually the smallest symbian ever (and with full support for US UMTS frequencies), or you could get the E60 which is really the smallest symbian ever (but only europe/asia frequencies, and no 2MP camera)

  17. This N70 is like the best phone ever! i looooove it! the camera is great! even though it misses autofocus… but still and the video recording? amazing! love the resolution of 352×288, thats like a VCD in Pal.. cool! haha im so exited about this phone, i was at first not shure wheter to go for the Sony Ericcson W800i or this Nokia N70, but u know Nokia is one of the best manufactores of mobile phone’s! so i’ll stick with Nokia. jup connecting people!

  18. “Three are realising that there’s more to mobile content than bloody ringtones. […]”

    lol … It’s the silly people that pay for them. ^_^
    People, phones should only go “ring, ring”.

    Anyway, I just found out that my N70 will not do multiplayer games. 🙁
    I develop mobile games, and this was one aspect I was going to explore. I guess I should have done more research on the N70. But either way, I still think it is a good phone.

  19. hello Mr.sir.

    I bought new n70.I am interested 3D Aero Mission from Zapptrio. Is it possible to download 3D Aero Mission from Zapptrio which i have seen this in all sony erricson k750i in singapore. will nokia n70 support this particular game if yes where on the net i can find it.

    2.can we do some thing to improve music effect (sound quality) in n70.

                                Thank you.
  20. I have the N70 and my one problem with it is that it isn’t able to link up to my computer, there is something wrong with my phone’s software, so before you buy one just check your PC connectability

  21. I live in the UK and my gf got this phone. We have 3G in the UK and she can watch T.V broadcasted through 3G, it gets Living T.V, sky 1, Bravo, Cartoon netwok, etc its so cool. She got the phone free with at £18 a month contract from orange.

  22. does anyone know how to setup the N70 for tmobile t-zones and MMS? i can’t seem to get web browsing to work. thanks!

  23. Just bought Nokia N70 from Pakistan. Didn’t realize that inside the operating booklet is in another language,not in English. My question is where and how can I get this book in English. I don’t have any knowledge of N70 and how to use it unless I get book/instruction in English. Please help?

  24. there isn’t advantage in buying nokia n70 as compared to nokia 6681,6680 , as both both has same software profile ,screen resolution,connectivity ,ease of use,picture or sound quality . only advantage is radio and 2 pixel camera ,which hardly make any difference in absence of autofocus. it is not cost effective at all in comparison…
    please refer mobile review com for better judgement instead of following what others says…

  25. My N70 worked a couple of weeks in South Florida and New Jersey in April and May 2006 with Cingular as the carrier. Now, not working.
    Tools/Settings/Network Settings/Operator Selection and selecting Manual displays Cingular and T-Mobile but doesn’t connect. So, perhaps some hope Cingular is looking into the N70

  26. its really d best phone in its range. I think dat i can get everything in this phone that i needed. Its really superb. Have fun with this new mobile nokia n70

  27. I’ve owned mine for around 3 months now, and overall I’m pretty happy with it’s performance. However, it does have a few puzzling issues: .pdf & .doc files in Quickoffice crash the phone, Image Editor crashes the phone when attempting to edit images taken using the highest resolution. And, imported mp4 files refuse to play, it’ll only play files converted to .3gp!
    I find the camera slide makes the phone feel cheap, and the covers are all easily scratched, but replacement covers are becoming more common.
    On the bright side, it’s Symbian S60 so there is HEAPS of games and applications available for it.
    All in all, I’d rate it 7.5/10

  28. hi
    could u plz tell how do i dowload songs from pc to my new nokia n70 and i ave 1GB mmc too. so to get more songs on my mobile what i’m i supposed to do?

  29. Hiiiii…
    I see the difference between the N70 & The 6680 . coz I used to have 6630 and I also have a 6680 . But I’m a apple computer user . and I see the N70 Can’t sync with the address and the contacts . But the 6630 & 6680 CAN !!!

    But I also Give it 10 stars:


  30. (N70) when i type a phone number to dial, the phone number font is quite thin. Can i change it to bold

  31. Hi

    Please can anyone tell me how or where can I get the symbian 8.0 version. I am from South Africa and everything here seems to be years behind. My N70 has version 2.0??

  32. The N70 is a great phone, i bought mine in greece and i cant read the directins lol but i have figured it out and i cant live with out my phone. I <3 it!!!

  33. hello
    how are u hope u are fine .i want to know if u mean this phone nokia N70 wat step will u take to get it .please reply me as soon as possible .
    take care

  34. Why Nokia N70 Getting very slow and whenever we working on that its getting Hang is there any latest version to get fast process in N70.

  35. Hí i do like N 70 because of all brilliant functions that it has but i´d like how much is it on China price in USD reply me very soon as it is possible.

  36. hey, n70 is kick ass however, its has lost the will to live, wen i turn it on itbwill instantly retsrat and it will go on on on on doin thi, any1 got anysoluations, email me the them pleezzz!

  37. i love the phone. so i need to know how much it is sold in Nigerain.send the price to me now.i am a nigerian and am proud to be.i love the phone so much.
    Nikky love

  38. Hey, I am getting this phone soon only around £100 now. But everyone is saying this phone is slow on the menu and such. Bye

  39. hi bought my phone about 3 months ago. just want to ask re the standby time. i have read the specification that it is more or less 260 hours? but my turns off after 48 hours. is there a problem with the battery? but everything elses is fantastic.

  40. just want to know how can i use my IM on my phone N70. it requires me to fill up the following:
    server name:
    access point in use:
    Web address:

    asking for a help

  41. I bought n70 about 9 month ago but i can’t listen to the FM radio.Once u open it says plug earphone even if the plug is there,also there is no bluetooth on the menu it bores or cause is China made.Any one who can help what to do pls my e-mail mosess62@yahoo.com.How can i connect into the internet?pls help

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