29 thoughts on “Nokia Buys Navteq For $8 Billion, Bets Big On Location-Based Services”

  1. TomTom is actually a Dutch company (not Danish). The name of the affected company is Garmin, not Gramin. Also, isn’t it EBITDA, rather than EBIDTA?

  2. This move also strengthens Nokia’s market position versus Apple given Google’s supplier relationship with Navteq.

    Great move by Nokia, brilliant actually.

  3. Have you noticed how every gadget has a free FM radio lately? Location tech looks to be next in line for the free gadget add-on. Hard to see how Nokia makes any money here, but they need the technology.

  4. Tom, tell that too Verizon Wireless. Lately they’ve been disabling built-in GPS features so that they can sell you their $10/month package. Anyway, FM tuner is free because nobody would pay for it. I had one in my handset (Nokia, BTW) as early as 2002 and after playing with it for 5 minutes, never used it again. Now that any decent phone can play MP3s this feature is even more useless.

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