5 thoughts on “Nokia’s Blog Daddy Looks for Next Act”

  1. om,

    your kind words mean a lot to us. christian has taught me a lot over the years, first as we worked on different parts of series 60, and then as i worked with him in the lifeblog team.

    not only has he taught me to always think of the total experience (not just usability) of a product or service, but he labeled a new attitude for us: wasabi.

    one day as we were reviewing the early marketing of lifeblog, he said (as best as i can reconstruct): ‘charlie, the marketing is great, but it needs a bit of wasabi. sushi is just raw fish, but when you as wasabi – woosh!’

    well, since then, we put wasabi (and irreverence) into everything we did, breaking a ton of corporate standard practices along the way, getting the job done, and succeeding marvelously considering our minuscule team size and budget.

    we were so successful, so much so that the main-line businesses finally woke up and took the whole project for themselves. it was what we wanted, but put christian and i out of a job. 😉

    let’s hope these multimedia group guys keep the wasabi flowing.



  2. I really feel Christian Lindholm is out of his element here. This man, while working for Nokia, had few ideas himself. Being called the Father of the Series 60 is, without a doubt, overblown. He knows who and where the whole concept comes from. Just ask him about Mother program. And he knows damn well who was the first to develop this interface.

    This man is a political animal. He takes the work of other individuals. There is a long list of people he has done wrong.

    Surely Yahoo should know what lies this man bases his resume on. And surely Yahoo is a company that will see this man is way out of his league.

    If you want a list of the real people who has done the work, it would be easy to show. Also Christian can see the user specifications of the ” Mother Program” which could be in my possession. Ask him to explain all of this. Father of the Series 60?? No way

    Somebody could really dig into the real Lindholm and come up with the truth.

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