17 thoughts on “Nokia’s New Jewel In The Crown, 6682”

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  2. Om,

    Is this phone capable of displaying SVG graphics? When it is sold in the U.S. by Cingular, will be it be Triband or Quadband for worldwide use?


  3. triband for world use. instead of 900 mHz it uses 850 MHz – the SVG graphics, I am not sure. i think you could check it on their website. i love the phone by the way 🙂

  4. Psuedo-Trackback:

    What we are interested in are the slider phones; the Nokia 6111, Nokia 6270 and Nokia 6280. It’s a little ironic that these phones were released one day after Om Malik wrote that Nokia’s “new line-up has a certain simple elegance to them, which allows the phones to be what they were meant to be: phones… I am frankly tired of new fangled designs – the slider or the rotate phone”

    I’d say they still are pretty elegant… there are a couple of other things to note about the phones:

  5. One thing I’ve always wondered is why it is easier to make a phone that supports both 1800 and 1900 MHz than it is to make one that supports 800 and 900 MHz?

  6. Specs are awesome for the US (EDGE, Triband 850Mhz, big screen, 1.3MP camera) However there is too little RAM to make full use of it as a smartphone. If you have a browser session open and want to take a picture, you have to close the browser session. Basically it’s impossible to run any two or more substantial apps (Browser, eMail, Camera and other 3rd party) simultaneously as the phone has too little memory and apparently the Symbian S60 does not do automatic GC to free up memory. Instead what you get is an almost constant barrage of Out of Memory error.

  7. sir ,
    i would like to know if we can use the same GSM phone when we move on to india from US? plz let me know sir i would be very glad to hear from you.
    Thank u sir,

  8. Hi there,

    I’ve been using my 6682 for about 6 months now (on Cingular) and although I love the phone, it is extremely sluggish and slow (pressing a button, choosing a menu option, etc.). ALso, it freezes fairly frequently and I have to “reboot” (power off then on).

    Anyone with similar issues? Do you think there might be a OS update to download?

  9. While it may be true that the Nokia 6680 is more capable compared to its Symbian predecessors, it is certainly the slowest when it comes to menu and item navigation even when at its newest ROM upgrade. It may be on menus only that is sluggish, it is most annoying and certainly will drain your patience.

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