5 thoughts on “Not My XM Myfi”

  1. Valid points but, I definitely will be the first person on my block to own one. I can’t stand my iPod because listening to my own music collection is boring. I crave a service/device that provides me with a constantly refreshed block of interesting music that I can listen to on planes, trains and subways.

  2. Yep, everything they just said, plus 10 bucks a month is nothing really. Definately worth it to get rid of commercials. I don’t know how well it’ll work in the car factory I work at though. If it does I know about 3000 more people that’ll buy one.

  3. How much will 1000 new songs at cost over the course of a year and how much time will be spent uploading to iPod? MyFi allows 5 hrs of recorded/stored content for play back at leisure W/NO PC OR MAC and continuous fresh music, news, sports, comedy, live broadcasts…..Maybe I sound like an XMRadio ad or something, but that will be the best $350 bucks I will ever spend!

  4. Yes, and it’s also free to:

    1. Watch broadcast tv; why would anyone pay for cable or satellite?

    2. Get cash from a bank teller; why would anyone pay money to get back their own cash from a machine?

    3. Read books from the public library; why would anyone pay money to buy a book?

    Never underestimate people’s willingness to pay money for entertainment, convenience, and novelty.

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