12 thoughts on “Now About Those Crunchies…”

  1. Much like I said on the Crunchies blog, we appreciate more than a little bit the fact that this is happening. Hopefully this will bring some light to the lesser known start-ups and bring some coverage to some of the cool ideas that they hold.

    We at http://www.20dc.com thank you guys again. And if people want to be really cool, they would come on over and check us out and sign on up. If they wanted to be super awesome cool, they would sign up and then nominate us under the, “we have absolutely no money” (Best bootstrapped start-up) category.

    Haha. Again, thank you GigaOM for helping to put this on!

  2. It’s a little ahead of my business plan, but after a couple of days and nights of contemplation I decided that entrepreneurship and innovation are all about calculated risk and timing. I’m all in. http://www.gzyn.com

    For folks that simply want to focus on writing good stuff and make some money while at it, GZYN is the place to be. Everything else is taken care of by the system. Take a peek.

    Thanks for putting this together.

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