13 thoughts on “Now its Cisco versus Motorola, Microsoft”

  1. I think VoIP stack will be part of the OS. The DVR is nice but not kewl and certainly not worth the price they paid. Well the Redmond company will give you much more control on your box by means of software solutions.

  2. End to end == sounds very close to vertically integrated — aka p-r-o-p-r-i-e-t-a-r-y. All they need to do now is buy a network (like Corvis did) and we’ll have AT&T.

  3. A New-Co start-up with the right syndication of capital partners and the rest of the right stuff, could sink both their ships in the triple play with the ‘right business model’, or one would make them rich as the exit strategy would be a quick M & A by Motorola or Cisco to protect what is surely going to be the next super play in the evolving game over eyeballs and their wallets, like never before.

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