7 thoughts on “Now Starring You, in a Movie About You”

  1. Thnx for this really insightful post.

    It inspired me to rethink the idea of social filters in the video chat and conferencing space, especially with the launch of Rob Glaser’s newco, SocialEyes.

    “Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary’ is a great phrase. I borrowed it and attributed it to you and this post.

    My post is “Social filters turning the ordinary into the extraordinary” @ http://bt.io/GkjQ

  2. Hi Om – I think you’re spot on about “you are what you share,” but there was one thing you wrote that bothered me.

    “In our 21st-century society, we all want to stand out and get attention.” Some of the introverts among us (myself included) would need to wrap that statement in a big blanket of qualifiers.

    Celebrity culture may be the baseline, but is there no achievement unless there’s accompanying paparazzi (or flocks of followers, or an avalanche of likes)? If we want authenticity and trust from others, how do we get there while curating ourselves into a “personal brand”?

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