4 thoughts on “Now that Alex is a Yankee….”

  1. What have the Yankees done with the highest payroll the last 3 years?

    You think A-Rod is the missing piece?

    Soriano has had better offensive numbers the past 2 years.

    ESPN: Soriano has more road homers (45 to 44), many more runs scored (133 to 108) and a much higher batting average (.311 to .279) than A-Rod over the last two seasons.

    Trying to buy a title hasn’t worked recently. I guess try to sign a few more all-stars by the trading deadline may help.

    I am a Red Sox fan and I can tell you I think I may get more pleasure from seeing the Yankees losing the World Series with the teams you have put out there than the Sox winning.

    An even greater pleasure will be seeing Georgey lose his mind if he doesn’t win a World Series this year.

    Torre will be gone. The only reason Torre is around this year is because George knew he would be in the Boston dugout.

    Good Luck

  2. As a die hard Sox fan, I’ve been peppered all weekend with questions about how I feel about A-Rod going to the Yankees. People ask me what I think, as if I was surprised by the news. Of course he ended up in pin stripes. To me, there was no other logical conclusion. I certainly never thought the deal for him to come to Boston would go through. That would be too easy, and if it did go through, he undoubtedly would have gotten hurt in spring training. Despite how I sound, I’m not bitter, not shocked, not sad that we missed out… for Sox fans, it’s just going to be another season where we hope against all reason that this is our year.

  3. I hate the yankees(actually i just don’t like baseball that much at all) but im not gonna sit here and talk crap. I just think the yankess getting A-Rod makes them even harder to beat then before and makes them better then before too. Now if they could get the pitching straight they would start winning like 5 world series in a row….again. haha

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