Now that’s cooking with Rachel Ray

13 thoughts on “Now that’s cooking with Rachel Ray”

  1. A plug for a different approach to cooking: I’m a big fan of the folks at Cooks Illustrated (, who take a very scientific approach to recipes and results. They’ll make 100 different angel food cakes to find out which ingredients make the best cake and why, and then report the results. It shows up on TV as America’s Test Kitchen (, although they also have on-demand shows on the Internet) on most PBS stations.

    I’ve used both Cooks Illustrated magazine and their compendium cookbook, America’s Best Recipes, to appear to be a gourmet cook when I am not. And best of all, since their material is available online and offline, you don’t need a TV to enjoy them!

    Bon appetit,

  2. We like the digressions that include “personal” life; somehow we tend to forget that it’s the same body and brain that occupy the non-working hours (is there a such thing anymore) and the working hours. So the twain should meet and be talked about more often!

  3. Just another delightful insight from Om. I won’t ramble into all the foodie sidestreets in my own life; but, “Bravo” to you for continuing appropriate diversity in a life of learning.

  4. Sandra Lee is the devil. She represents all that is wrong with bad TV food shows, and is counter to everything that good cooking is about. Haven’t you seen her hollow out pre-made pumpkin pies, only to use them in another recipe? That’s just wasteful and ridiculous.

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