7 thoughts on “Now Verizon Wants Cable TV Portability. No Really!”

  1. I think the Hypocrites Verizon need to change there Cellphone charge to get out of cellphone contracts before they start on cable issues. You can’t leave a verizon contract unless you are dead or pay like 175 dollars…

  2. You did not mention that the CABLE monopolists are asking the FCC for similar help against Verizon when they capture a phone customer. In the phone market, a service provider can switch the service for a comsumer upon request. Try that same manuever with your cable service and COMCAST will make you call them first and try to stop the switch.

    Video service portablity is an idea whose time has come!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So Om, you can’t find anything to actually criticize in the proposal, so you settle for not liking Verizon as a reason to be against it?

    Verizon is a nasty monopolist when it comes to phone service– and the cable companies are the reverse on cable TV. Both plead for open access when trying to offer competition on the other guy’s home turf, and oppose it on their own.

    None of that makes for a reason to oppose a policy. I can support a policy without worrying about my allies of convenience.

  4. I am on Verizon FIOS for my cable and, thus far, it has been a disaster. They seemed to have rushed into the cable TV business without getting all their ducks in a row first.

    The worst part is they recently upgraded their menu system and the new menu is the buggiest and slowest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s great when a company that can provide fiber optic internet cannot create a menu system that shows the text descriptions of movies without having it pause for 10+ seconds frequently as you try to use it.

    So, you’ll have to pardon me if I get a little chuckle out of them wanting to make it easier for people to switch to them.

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