NuVisions aka Vonage

8 thoughts on “NuVisions aka Vonage”

  1. bingo.

    don’t you believe that working with isp’s will assist in the port blocking issues as well?

    if u have a relationship with them would they block you?

    i know of an aussie voip company doing this and they are not doing it on a small level like this either…

    get into bed with the right ones, this is the way to do it. Of course you have to be able to offer something of great value as well. Not only that it should be unique.

    Is what vonage has unique Om?

    watch and see players like skype fall in the end because they havent formed the partnerships that mattered most.

    ie: plantronics won;t be securing their network connectivity anytime soon—makes for nice henshall fodder though—-eh stu?


  2. Armstrong cable was set up like that as well.

    The Armstrong cable digital voice web site was a snapshot in time of the Vonage web site with an Armstrong brand on it. From whois/DNS info, it appeared that Vonage was hosting the domain and web server.

    I’ve sort of assumed that the name Digital Voice will generally refer to a Vonage wholesale.

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