9 thoughts on “Odeo RIP, Hello Obvious Corp”

  1. Odeo is a typical example of

    Second System Effect

    First we saw it with Sabeer bhatia and Arzoo , than with Riya and Munjal and now its William and
    Odeo .
    I admire the candor and honesty of the guy . it is very rare in this PR Driven world . I am sure
    twitter will be a hit .

  2. That’s funny – I was all set to say in my comment “Congrats on such a bold move in following the heart!”, and then I too fell victim to Om’s handheld line and started to wonder what was the bigger feat. In all seriousness, congrats to Evan and the team!

  3. funny, i was telling my son about twittr and he didn’t get it – why would you post an sms to an online log if the real utility is sms via phone without a pc requirement? personally, i kinda like it if they could do more in the way of dodgeball…

  4. As someone who has accepted VC funding a number of times, I can tell you from personal experience that taking money makes it much harder to experiment and try different things.

    Once you’ve convinced people to hand over millions of dollars to fund one idea, don’t expect them to react well when you tell them that, er, you were wrong about its potential, and that now you want to try something completely different.

    The one problem with the self-funded approach is the absence of an outside perspective–we entrepreneurs are overly optimistic by definition and that’s not a good recipe for wise investments.

  5. This is awesome for Evan, and I totally believe in the model and everything he outlined on his blog post about Obvious.

    Its funny how I thought, I was reading my own thoughts as I read through his justification, as we have build exactly the same model at Better Labs (http://www.betterlabs.net) since Dec 2005. Most importantly, we have build this completely out of our Pune, India office which bring a lot more scalability for the experiments – what we call as the 12-24 month web service, beyond which the successful ones will thrive as independent companies. dealplumber (http://www.dealplumber.com), indiagoes (http://www.indiagoes.com), iNods (http://www.inods.com) are already in their 1.0 versions.

    However, there is a BIG CHALLENGE of how do you follow through after your 1.0 version to drive traffic and customer acquisition, which will make or break this model for everyone who attempts it.

    Its re-assuring though, to think someone else who is a lot more accomplished thinks the same.

    All the very best to Evan, and his team.

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