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  1. Give me a break: How can we have a neutral session (Podcast) on Gaming when one of the major participants does not even own a PC and admits to being old and the 2nd works for Microsoft and both are stressing how COnsoles are and will dominate On Line Gaming.

    1 On Line gaming is not new , nor is it “coming of age finally in 2006”. Just ask all the PC gamers who have ruled this space for 3-4 years.

    The PC,with all its built in features lends it self far better to an On lIne Game than any console and will ultimately dominate the Portable space with the new Micro PC that Nokia and Microsoft are bulding.
    The real crime and the piece these guys should have been talking about is the dependance we gamers have on the large Central Gaming Server Centers from the likes of Microsoft (today) and Sony (tomorrow) who are both fighting for the Console space and chose to ignore the superior platform. Where these Game Center belong are in the Local Data Centers run by the Service Providers who own and manage a IP Core offering low latency/jitter symmetrical links to their subscribers. Far easier to have a Service provider manage this service locally and if need be have a big pipe to the Tier#1 dedicated to the Gamers. This woul dbe a valuable model.

    Reference using TV for Games.
    Cannot imagine having to fight my family/wife and or kids for our new HDTV (who want to watch Idle o Survivor)when I have a 21″Plus Monitor on my PC that allows me private full throttle use of this true MultiMedia Platform.
    Get serious.

    By the way how close are the price of these new COnsoles, with limited capabilities, to a new PC anyway ($499-$599).

    Lets get some real world people to explore this market.
    By the way I have a PC and play World of Warcraft that at last count had some 5Million plus players paying a $14.95/mo. fee.
    I also own an Xbox 360 and am already board with it.


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