7 thoughts on “Off-Topic: What To Watch This Summer: "Wall-E"”

  1. This movie will be a big hit for Males 16-30. Wall-E gives of a nostalgic vibe for those that grew up watching Short Circuit and *batteries not include.

    Why isn’t there a Roomba Wall-E?

  2. The teaser trailers were boring and I expected the worse. Then recently I saw the full trailer and went from “blegh” to “oh my God, Pixar, why did I ever doubt you?”

  3. Pixar guys always spends years refining and enriching stories which is the heart of any film. Thats how people of all ages can relate to it.
    Wish same could be done for the web products that we use..

  4. I, too, have been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw the first preview.

    @Richard – great idea for a Wall-E Roomba. Better yet, design Roombas to look like both robot characters, then program them to wrestle, chase, cuddle, etc.

  5. Pixar never disappoints us with their ridiculously creative stories and jaw-dropping animation, and WALL•E already looks like a solid candidate for the “1,000 Views Club” in our household (see also: Finding Nemo, Cars and The Incredibles).

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