40 thoughts on “Introducing Om 2.0: The Avatar”

  1. Mr. Om Malik, I like your new health plan and more importantly, your new icon. I’m curious to know what program you used to make it.

  2. Om –

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve implemented the changes you’ve told us about. My wife has been on me, lately, to start exercising (the word alone sends shivers down my lazy spine) and we’ve started eating smaller portions of more healthy food.

    I rather like the new avatar, as well. Also, it’s amazing how good a pair of jeans can feel, no?

    Heres to you and your new changes, and hopefully we’ll both be healthy to meet in person sometime, somewhere. Keep up the excellent work on the site!

  3. @ Ricky Cadden

    Thank you dear sir. Now I hope you have started incorporating some small changes into your life – exercise is the most vital one for it is a good way to keep your thinking clear.

    Hope to hear your update sometime soon.

  4. Om, Well wishes on your new lease on life. I like the idea of altering your daily recurring habits but be sure to take the time to enjoy a fine cigar, a smooth scotch, a good hearty burger, or a brat at the ballgame. It’s important that your routine is healthy, lean, and simple as it allows you to enjoy life’s richness without getting into too much trouble. At least that’s my plan for leading a lean but satsfying long life.

    Completely understand if your in a cleansing mode now but be sure to still enjoy here and there.

  5. Hey Om,
    I know I don’t comment much here, but you can not imagine how much this means to me. You really feel like the soul of our little Web community. You are the only one who seems to get on with everyone and does not have point less wars about nitpicky issues. As much as I wish that you have enough time to rest, relax and recover, I also hope to have you around a keep up the good work for our community.
    I hope I will one day have the chance to meet you in person.

  6. @ Sage… It was created by a friend of the company who is a professional artist. No program was involved in creating of the new icon.

    @Manish Jain… Wii Fit is next on the menu though it is hard to find a copy in SF these days.

    @ Nick, it is about 50 pounds or so in weight loss, though the trick is to keep it all off and let me tell you that is hard.

  7. Mr. Malik,

    I am glad to see that you’re using the new lease on life appropriately … and it shows very well in the material you’ve produced to date. I guess having a simple life enables you with the time and focus to focus on the work at hand.

    And if you want a good veggie dinner or recipes for a Channa Masala, please let me know!

    – Adwait

  8. Om —

    I LOVE the new icon and congratulations on 2.0. We are thrilled to have many many more years of clear, simple, insightful Om to look forward to.



  9. Good for you Mr. Malik. You nailed it – simplicity and moderation are key to a healthy and prosperous future. Stuff our Mom’s try to instill in us while growing up.

    Good luck !

  10. Again a very nice post. I love the way you write, On the other side

    Good to hear that you have changed your diet/living style and getting better.

    Cutting that meat helps a lot.

    Also try this “Flax” seed in your break fast or Flax seed oil very helpful and a natural way to cut on cholesterol.

    More info:
    1. http://indiaom.com/2008/05/28/health-flax-seed/
    Or google for Flax Seed.

    Have a good weekend Om!
    Cheers, Nag

  11. Finding out how you’re doing is by no means a waste of time for us! Feel free to share whatever you’re comfortable with. It’s great to see that you’re doing well.

  12. @Tom, so I see you still haven’t lost that wit.

    @ Niall – thanks I updated the gravatar.

    @David, thanks for reminding me what I need to do.

    @Others, thanks for your kind support. Best

  13. Glad to see that you are confident enough in your life changes.

    BTW. You are not imposing on our time. We are genuinely concerned and inspired.

  14. Om bhai;
    Good to you see your progress and commitment to healthy lifestyle. Instead of Wii-Tennis, try some Wii-Fit. Its awesome and will help you more. I loved it in first 60 seconds of play & interactively shows your progress and sets new goals.

  15. Glad you liked it Om. Made me laugh out loud to see your footnote. Everything we are doing has been inspired by empowering organisations, individuals & communities. A central part of that being born from niche and ancient arts of Yoga, Tai-Chi (and other Martial Arts).

    Incidentally, my Father and Uncles (Thaiaji) are each recovering from heart operations. Yoga helped them no end. Tc. One last hilarious link to make you all laugh, then back to work:

  16. Good work Om. I’ll keep my mouth shut for a whole month now. Uh, well I’ll try.

    Keep on keeping on.

  17. Hey genius,

    Glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself. You need to prepare for the long run. We need your insight, your dedication, your OM-ness.


    Doc Peppe

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