6 thoughts on “Om on CNBC Bullseye”

  1. Om,

    Nice job on the interview, its too bad that there weren’t more tech-focused questions. Hopefully we get to see you on CNBC more often talking about the real issues like VoIP or the Google Lockup.


  2. well i guess they wanted to talk about the “it” stuff so I chimed in. I hope they ask me back. it should be fun to do it – format is great

  3. I agree with Biren. I watched, and you did a good job. But I would’ve thought that they would invite a tech expert to talk about tech stuff (broadband even).

  4. GEEEZ OM, I ”PREP”” you for your LAUNCH CAREER and not ONE single word of Level3 2daMoon!!!!!!!! WHAT we going to do with you ???????????
    PS Comcast LAUNCHES in ”five” cities Feb 11th, 2005!!!!!!!!!


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