24 thoughts on “On BitTorrent, FCC Chastises Comcast”

  1. “Promoting monopoly”, my ass.

    Apart from the 800lb gorilla which is terrestrial radio, consolidated as all-get-out as it is, the merged Sirius-XM has to compete with terrestrial digital, internet radio, and podcasting – and that’s just for ad money. The listening pool’s also being ever-more diluted by off-radio listening in cars.

    You’re an extremely smart person. Probably best not to give the opposite impression by writing about nonexistent radio monopolies without even thinking about it or — worse — parroting the NAB’s current lobbying cribnotes.

  2. The most bizarre feature of the rumored Comcast decision is the demand that Comcast stop throttling P2P and to also tell the FCC how it’s been managing its network. First the hanging, then the trial.

  3. @Richard…. Are you surprised by this hanging-first approach? Most politically compromised-motivated decisions are like that. FCC has become increasingly useless in that sense.

  4. The FCC seems to be harder on cable than other industries like sat radio and the telecoms (where it has regulatory authority). I’m not seeing anything different here.

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