6 thoughts on “On Smartphones, Gimmicky Apps Only Work for So Long”

  1. Agreed. The “surprising” thing for Flurry, when we did this analysis was just how much sense the results made, from the point of view of mobile consumption (vs. say the Internet). The development community is testing every possible business (and non-business model) and we wanted to release a large amount of data that showed that user consumption in markets like the iPhone App Store and Android Market are rational, despite how revolutionary and new these mediums are.

    Peter Farago
    VP Marketing

  2. Thanks to the folks at Flurry for sharing this interesting data!

    One question I had from this, which I didn’t see addressed original post on the Flurry site: what is the definition of the cohorts used in defining the retention numbers? Is it (1) the “day zero” users, ie, track retention as a function of days from the users’ first download, (2) the existing population of users at the beginning of the study, including both newbies and folks who’ve been using the app for a while, or (3) something else?


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