9 thoughts on “On the Net, 162M Web Sites and Counting”

  1. I paradigm will shift once web 2.0 becomes a standard. I believe companies will have to admit that there are more ways to communicate through your website.

    People love face to face contact, but the online customer today hates the online brochure

  2. I love online brochures. My train schedule is constantly changing and it is great to be able to go online and download the latest version. Paper copies are okay, too, but you often have to go to a few particular places to pick ones up or write to the company to mail you one.

  3. My point exactly. Your train station schedule is always changing, right? Well this isn’t considered an online brochure(in the context in which I used it as). When I say online brochure, I’m talking about static websites.

    Web 2.0 deals with dynamic content that keep the viewers online feeling updated and refreshed. That’s why you keep coming back to GigaOM

  4. How many web sites are dead blogs, me wonder? Its getting easier to create content… me thinks junk is piling up. Think of all the storage involved. I wish there was a byte count to go along with the website count… how many total bytes of web-resources are out there.

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