9 thoughts on “One Remote Fits All”

  1. Now if only they’d included Apple’s Jonathan Ives in that list, and they might have had a saleable product.
    My god, that thing’s hideous! They’d have to pay me to put that thing in my house. I’m all for convenience, but I don’t think I could stomach looking at that thing

  2. Who are they competing with? Sears Tower? A few inches more and they’d be on the flight path.
    Another ‘All things to all men’ solution. If they just made my Symbian/MS Mobile phone (which has IR) able to control my TV (or any other consumer IR device), then it would be fine.

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  4. I saw it at a preview and it is a great size and also feels really nice and solid. The screen is amazing – it blew my mobile away. The setup they demo’d was cool. (as always YMMV)

  5. So this sounds great. But where can I buy it. Open peak doze not reply my mail and I cant find it some were else on the net. Do any one know if a company has OEM it ??..

  6. Any one know the price of this gadget…OpenPeak told me that it will be out in the market on OEM bases around aug…

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