5 thoughts on “VoIP Device Maker Ooma Raises Another $16 Million”

  1. A solid wall of competing and established services must make this one the year’s top “most likely to fail” ventures; to say nothing of its troubled history.

    One could have a mobile venture with a paid subscriber base,surveyed and ready to launch, but if it is in a technical vertical, skilled trade, or real industrial market, one has zero chance of getting a dime. Better to have a semi-failed piece of VOIP hardware with a 90% chance of failure in a down economy.

  2. Congrats to Ooma. I’m a satisfied user of their service for almost a year now. I did have a few glitches with the billing for Int’l calls but their support team was very helpful and sorted it out.

    I wish they had a referral program so that it’s own users can recruit new customers.

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