14 thoughts on “Open Media, Meet The VCs”

  1. Om, very interesting. We have a company in our portfolio that I will be writing you about shortly. It has an advanced, scalable, personalized subscription engine that enables intelligent, automatic and real-time delivery of any RSS-published multi-media content to any Internet-connected node, including software and hardware devices. As an example the “My Subscription” feature can now have customized feeds like: First 5 mts of CNBC and Bloomberg news, Traffic Conditions on 680 to Sunol, First 20 mts of Howard Stern, Music & blogs.

    The correlation engine is a patent-pending, in-memory process that employs state-of-the-art algorithms to match vast patterns of personal preferences to media content AS IT IS PUBLISHED. The unique preference matching is coupled with automated delivery of multi-media content, making it the a unique if not only solution of its kind in the market today.

  2. I met w/ a blue chip Boston VC the other day who said the vibe in their office was not so off from the bubble days (except more leverage with solid entrepreneurs these days). I’m sure the Sand Hill Rd guys pumped you for interesting, below-the-radar startups.

  3. that is the most amazing part rags… normally i would go looking for start-ups from them, and it was the reverse this time around. oh well, that’s how it is these days.

  4. Besides forgetting the long tail, what about the 5th Wave of Tech? The fiber, chips, servers, broadband, etc. comprise the pieces that make up the 747 which provides for these 5th Wave apps, true?

  5. Among all the openmedia concepts ,Social Bookmarking can quickly become profitable (with paid ppc links) *if* it succeed in attracting mainstream web users .IMHO currently only web geeks and bloggers use it.

    We will know social bookmarking entered the mainstream world when “paris hilton” becomes the most active tag in del.icio.us šŸ™‚

  6. If you’re one of those new small startups, and VC’s start calling you to talk to you, and you think they really just want to pump your brain, what should you do? a) Talk to them thinking that it’s not bad to keep the conversation open, or b) charge them 300$/hour (with a minimum of 2000 US$/day) in consulting fees?

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