6 thoughts on “Open-Source Router Gets $10M, Teams Up With Citrix”

  1. Given what a complete piece of garbage Citrix is on Linux it seems amusing that they are turning to open source anything to save them from getting their asses handed to them.

  2. @df – what product are you talking about? Citrix on Linux makes no sense. If you mean Presentation Server/XenApp then I think that you need to have another look. If you are talking about enterprise Linux servers running on XenServer, then I think you have your facts more than a little wrong…

  3. Yes, presentation/XenApp — look anywhere on the internet and you’ll find people battling to get it working. I’m guessing you’ve never tried…

  4. This is actually very interesting.
    If its saves money on calls, why not then?

    The big Q is:
    How much to invest compare to how much to save.
    I wonder…

  5. Vyatta is a great addition to the Open Infrastructure portfolio. Their alliances with large players including Citrix is a testimony to the quality of the product and business acumen.

    Say what you like, but Citrix is putting it’s money where it’s mouth is and actively investing in open source, helping firms to grow their product line and extend their geographical and vertical reach.

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