6 thoughts on “The Friday Open Thread”

  1. Okay, so some of us are still using the rather slow cable connection which goes to the dogs late at night when most of my building is on the net.

  2. Like the Health Folks say:
    Get more fiber in your diet for health and calm nerves.
    Cable is very good, but for the bang for the buck – fiber is the winner. Wish there were more ways that smaller providers of fiber to the home (FTTH) could compete. Installation and infrastructure is VERY expensive. Too bad we can’t outsource installation without bankrupting our country! Oh well.
    The big companies will eventually do installation when the investment models show that this is the most profitable path- or when other technologies encroach on market share.

    Adam Glickman
    InfoMonger of Technology

  3. Crap Cable unfortunately. Would love to find fiber, but this is it for now. So it goes.

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