12 thoughts on “Opera Mini on Blackberry”

  1. i tried opera on my pearl, and well, maybe i was using it incorrectly, but whenever i came to a text input box it would bring up and entirely new screen dedicated for text input. This was very annoying so i promptly went back to the BB browser that allows you to enter text right on the page.

    am i using it incorrectly, or maybe this issue is fixed? let me know guys and gals.

  2. Unfortunately this seems to be by designed. I find it annoying too and I still see nothing that will want me to from my BB Browser.

  3. i’ve been looking at that sweet pearl – do you happen to know if the bb browser or opera mini can display online video (e.g. youtube)…?

  4. I tried Opera on my Moto Q and found it cumbersome and frustrating. It sucked less than using linx but still sucked. The only cool part about it was the ablity to open multiple tabs which i can’t figure out how to do on windows mobile IE browser

  5. I have a blackberry 8700. Will Opera work on this device? It tells me that I have to put in some settings – but where.

    Anyone give me a step by step on this? Blackberry and T-Mobile headed to the ‘bunkers’ when I started asking them for help.


  6. ok attention people if you want VIDEO viewing on your blackberry you just go to VuClip.com

    it also allows you to download video clips like those of youtube onto your phone as well. or just press open and you can view them.

  7. I have a BB7130e on Cricket. I can’t Opera Mini to work. It keeps giving me an error of unable to connect to network. I’m assuming I need to do something with the service book. Probably need it to be set to port 8080 as well for Opera to be able to communicat out. Any suggestions or ideas on settings?

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