4 thoughts on “Operation Enduring Start-Up”

  1. Great article Tom. I feel you since I’ve been deployed several times the last 2 years.
    Especially loved lesson 3, be cheap, dont spend your money on thing you dont need but put your money on your product and thing that effectively grow your business.
    I’m proud we’re not having lot of money since as someone said: “best ideas come when you don’t have money”:http://twitter.com/OurielOhayon/statuses/246452562}

  2. Agreed. Excellent article. I think this relates to people like myself who are building their startups part-time on the side while working full-time jobs. Except I’m not in Afghanistan, so you make me feel a little ridiculous for all the complaining I do about workload. Best of luck.}

  3. Education being what you get without the benefits of schooling, I think I can agree. Lots of things don’t make a lot of sense when you don’t have time/energy to waste on them. Less time/energy, more efficiency.

    good luck out there in the Stan, be careful, come home.}

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