6 thoughts on “Optical gear targets 100 Gigabit speeds”

    1. VOD and long haul are completely un-related.
    2. VOD will drive growth at abut 4x to 5x, not 10x
    3. The HSSG of IEEE will develop a 100G basebad standard (if we are lucky and the 40G crowd doesn’t sell the farm to save the roostr). That doesn’t make for a 100G long haul standard.
    4. Yes we need a long haul standard as well.

    So what is the big obstacle. It’s actually Sun Microsystems and the like who say that 100G is not needed (because they do not want to take the R&D expense). OK we get it — servers do not need 100G. It’s also true that hard drives do not need to be 100G, but we clearly need 10G in the network today.


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