10 thoughts on “Origami What?”

  1. What’s to prevent this from suffering the same fate as the PDA? Are people willing to pay $800 for a smaller device which is more weildy than an iPod and seems thicker than the first Mac portable and has less to offer than a tablet. Usual Microsoft Spinal Tap 10+1 strategy.

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  3. I agree, Om. If the Origami device is what it appears to be, it’s the kind of thing Palm should have had — and arguably could have had — a year or two ago, instead of that ridiculous LifeDrive thing.

  4. I think that sometime soon somebody is gonna hit a homerun in this category. I have a Dell Axim x50v that I use all the time to browse the web (primarily bloglines which looks great on the device).

    Even though it has some sever limitations (crappy browser, not so great battery life, etc.) it is very handy since it is instant-on, Wi-Fi enabled and has a 640×480 screen.

    Oh, I don’t use it as a PDA as all… just a web browser.

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