42 thoughts on “Three Cool Add-Ons for Microsoft Outlook”

  1. OM,

    Your links for ClearContext & sendshield are not working, looking at the url, you forgot the .com after clearcontext and you spelled SendShield wrong it’s “ie” not “ei”. . . .

    Hope this helps.

  2. I wish someone would make this simple plugin:

    How many times have you written “attached is the…” only to forget to actually attach the file?

    Can someone make a plugin or rule that says if the word “attach” is in the email and there is nothing attached a popup box would come up asking if you’re sure you want to send without attaching a file…nice little reminder, you know?


  3. Yes but Lookout Search works better than the native search in Outlook 2007! That’s one reason why some folks haven’t made the move from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007.

  4. I had a chance to try out SendShield. It’s not as multi-functional as ClearContext, but it does a great job of stripping out hidden / secret / unintended meta-data from the attachments. An iPod-like plug-in tool when it comes to neat little email gadgets.

  5. OK, I’ve been using ClearContext for about a year or so and paid for upgrades from v2 to the current v4. It’s pretty good, it’s second nature now to assign topics and file email accordingly.

    I tried Boxbe but stopped using it after a while.

    Lookout is great for searching Outlook.

    Plaxo is brilliant for syncing between my Mac/iCal/Address book/iPhone at home and Outlook on my work PC. I’ve only been using it for a week or so but it’s excellent.

  6. Thanks bruce klein

    i also tried lookeen now, because i also have vista and as you said lookout doesn´t work with vista…i´m very satisfied with lookeen and just can advise it to everybody who has problems with the lookoutsearch…just try it: http://www.lookeen.com

  7. I tried all 3 and let me confess – all of them are massively impressive. Well, I didn’t like Sendshield too much but it still is quite useful for a few. I am impressed with the ClearContext – Boxbe combo and I am thinking of implementing it for one of the perennial problems in my org – inbox management and tracking of activities distributed to various colleages. Actually I want a system wherein all mails sent to a central email id are captured by the system and the administrator then assigns part of work to various collegues – then the admin collates the responses sent by each of these and finally sends the consolidated response to the original sender. Can someone help me build this type of system?

  8. Anyone know of a simple way to add additional choices to the Snooze drop-down list. Like it goes from 1,2,3,4 days to 1,2 weeks. I would like to add 5,6 days (in addition to other hours, etc.). Thanks in advance!

  9. I’m looking for a way to preset information and insert that into shared calendars. Something where I could check boxes for standard stuff so we don’t have to write out a bunch of basic info.

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