2 thoughts on “Overture Buys Rival Carrier Ethernet Gear Maker Ceterus”

  1. Actually, the plain ol’ Carrier Ethernet business is a rare bright spot in the Telecom world – even without considering mobile backhaul. Accroding to Heavy Reading, the Ethernet over TDM market is set to grow in value from around $78 million in 2007 to more than $270 milion in 2011. I am not sure that the market will meet the HR forecast in this economic environment, but still it will be quite good in comparison to rest of the industry.

  2. I’m still a little challenged to understand if Carrier Ethernet is really the golden solution for mobile backhaul, given how much some of the equipment vendors (and carriers themselves) talk about deploying rich services as far out at the edge of the network as possible. The further out things go, the more you need QoS, and suddenly a connection model doesn’t seem as realistic.

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