4 thoughts on “P2P is so 2004, meet V2V”

  1. It’s always seemed bizarre to me that you can transmit voice and data from your car to Ulan Bator but the only way to communicate with the guy in the car next to you is with a horn, some flashing lights, and your middle finger.

  2. I’m sure Live Messenger will have an emoticon or a ‘nudge’ (that has a few different connotations in V2V!) that equates to the finger!
    Your presence information could be ‘doing 120 on Route 66’, followed by ‘in surgery’. But people have been known to IM from phones while driving at 90mph…
    Another question, what’s the difference between imminent and inevitable? It could be somewhat irritating when your car tells you, just as the back of the lorry is filling your vision, that you are ‘about to collide’. Nobody likes a smartass!

  3. Doot – ‘COLLISION IMMINENT’ .0024 seconds later – ‘COLLISION OVER – PLEASE RESTART’

    Hmm … unless it’s a parking sensor I doubt this could really do much.

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