61 thoughts on “Packet8 Picks Up SunRocket Orphans”

  1. !@#$@!#$@!# SunRocket. As you said Om, screwing the customers, even in death!

    (I am one in the wagon).

  2. Many customers of SunRocket would have opted for the $199/year plan. Looks like this means all their prepaid amounts for the rest of the year will not be honored by Packet8.

  3. What I can’t tell from your post is whether this will be a seamless transition, or whether this is just another “special” that many different VoIP providers are offering. And not event the best one, come to think of it.

  4. My butt is fealing sore from all the frolicking through web 2.0 already. Last thing I need is another vOiP company to take an entry.

  5. Sunrocket customers who are thinking of signing up with Packet8 should consider the following Packet8 charges, which Sunrocket never charged for the annual plan customers:

    • Regulatory recovery fee – $1.50 monthly
    • E911 fee – $1.99 monthly
    • Service fee within 12 months – $59.99
    • Additional taxes extra
  6. after endless reasearch yesterday and today I signed up with Lingo. For the amount they charge monthly (I will never to a prepaid yearly plan again) Lingo seems to have the best offer so far. Same thing there, free activation, free shipping, one month free. All those “great offers” still don’t give us our money back…but I guess we all want to have a phone service again that works. Welcome to a world of customer satsifaction right?

  7. and Vonage seems to be offering two months free, free device and free shipping. let’s not forget that packet8 provided the VoiP service in the UK to Dixons (the biggest electronics retailer in the UK) and eventually gave up, transferring all of its customers to Vonage.
    how long does packet8 actually have before they go the way of SunRocket?

  8. I’m sure Packet8 is a decent company and will offer clueless SR customers some hope, but I got a plan with ViaTalk right away and unlocked the Sunrocket Gizmo and I’m up and running with SR number forwarded to my ViaTalk number in less than 2 days.

  9. I took sun rocket connection through the online and paid 242 for everthing . But i haven’t set up my connection yet. What i should do ? any comments

  10. Ugh. My Mother has been telling me she could not leave a message on my voice mail and then I couldnt dial out and then I googled around and now this! Ugh again.

    Now I just have to decide between Lingo, Vonage and Packet 8.
    Must have been a reason I chose Sunrocket last time but now its back to the reviews! So who are you guys going with?

  11. Press release says following:

    Under terms of the agreement, Packet8 will waive all regular start up
    costs associated with its residential service plans plus offer one free
    month of service, a value of over $100. SunRocket will communicate with its
    200,000 + subscribers via an email and voicemail campaign recommending they
    transition their service to Packet8 immediately.

    How in the world they will send voicemail if my phone is dead? Last night, I switched Lingo, hopefully my number gets transferred which I requested promptly last night.

  12. I had kids that were traveling that couldn’t call home on Monday night – what a mess!!!

    I did a lot of surfing last night and decided to go with Voip Your Life. Cost was comparable and features looked good. The best thinkg was the customer reviews. Way more ‘thumbs up’ reviews than there were ‘thumbs-down’. Well see how this goes….

  13. i signed up with vonics digital

    it had the best deal.
    all incoming calls free
    outgoing 500 minutes a month
    prepay for a year makes it 8.99 a month
    2 free months
    i am trying to find my citi card statement for may to get my refund from those lisa hooks crooks. we can’t sue her she is incorp.
    she probably already has her sweet job back at aol.
    she’s a nuisance and i hope she gets an std from someone.

  14. PowerNet Global is a growing VOIP over broadbank provider that could take on some of the SunRocket customers.

  15. Screw it, I will go without a land line. I don’t need the headaches. I’ll stick with my pay as you go cell phone.

  16. Teleblend appears to be the way to go. No porting of the number is required…Om it would be nice if your people could find out anything about this company.

  17. Via talk does not have a truly unlimited plan. It should be called the 5100 min plan. If you go over 5100 min they shut you off for the rest of the month. If they cannot be truthful in there plans I will not trust them to be my provider. Unlimited Should mean unlimited!

  18. As sad as I am to see a fellow VoIP provider implode, it’s even sadder to see how my fellow Americans are locked into the monthly fee mentality and a walled-garden hardware mindest. There is light outside the cave. At Vortel you can pay as you go and bring your own SIP hardware. No required monthly fees. Must be the Berlin air.
    We’d be honored if ex-Rocketeers want to check us out. http://www.vortel.net

  19. Is Packet8 really preferred choice for SR customers?
    SunRocket is continuing to do further disservice to its customers ( who have already lost money on deposits) by pushing them to Packet 8, a company that declared itself as no more interested in pursuing the residential market and moving to business customers.

    I signed for Lingo last night. I called them up today to check the number portability. They said my SR number will be ported in 4-5 business days! Cool! Is n’t it? Apparently Lingo uses the same DID provider as SR. So, this is an internal porting.

  20. I’ve been using Packet 8 for over a year now and aside from a few issues of delayed voice mails about 6 months ago I have been very happy with their service. I think I pay something around $24.99/month for unlimited calls, unlimited long distance, and all of the bells and whistles. I even had an occasion several months ago where I dialed 911 and I was very happy that the E911 service worked flawlessly. It is way better than a land line.

  21. When you figure Packet8 has been around the longest (20 years) and has over 60 voip related patents, I’m glad that SunRocket’s customers will be going to them. They are financially stable and less likely to go under than any other voip phone company since they don’t have to pay royalty fees etc… to other companies, which is probably why SunRocket exploded in mid-air. I would rather go with Packet8 than Vonage, even though they are offering 2 free months of service, since Vonage is on the way to total collapse due to patent violations, court ordered fines and the probable upholding of the court ordered ban against them signing up new customers. At least at the end, SunRocket is doing something right.

  22. SunRocket failed because it was an independent company that operated with very little cash supplied from venture capitalism. Packet8 is no different except they are even SMALLER than SunRocket. So why would any sane person sign back up with a company that could fold at any minute?

    I was affected by the SunRocket collapse like many others. I chose Lingo (http://www.lingo.com) and here’s why. It’s been around for some time and it offers calling plans that are pretty good. But more importantly, it’s not one of these struggling VoIP companies. Lingo is backed by Primus Telecommunications, which is one of the largest telecom companies in the world. I think Primus’ web site said they have something like $1.3 billion in revenue each year (http://www.primustel.com). I mean come on people. Sign up with a company that has 183,000 customers – Packet8, or sign up with a company backed by a BILLION dollars and over 2.4 million customers – LINGO.

    FYI – I took advantage of Lingo’s special for SunRocket users. http://www.lingo.com/sunrocket

    Good luck!

  23. Today I received an email from Sunrocket, giving me option to port my number to either packet8 or TeleBlend (www.teleblend.com). Teleblend looks like good option, but it looks like they just came up out of nowhere and specially to get SR customers.

    Anyone here has heard about them?

  24. Just got off phone with Chase card services (have Chase Rewards card), just told them that SR went belly up, and I was charged jut this month ( 4th July actually), is there anything they can do.

    The rep. was very helpful, talked to he supervisor, got back to me that you should get refund for the unused portion (I was charged 214.11 – including tax) , (was so happy to hear that, and thanked the rep. for the excellent service, and also promised that I’ll post my experience on the web). The rep. then added that need to be transferred to the dispute department. (At this time I was little skeptical as these are the people who can actually approve the credit, and who knows?). Talked to the rep. in this dept., explained again (she had the details of request in from of her). She asked me to wait, took little longer (3-5 mins.) than earlier rep., came back and (surprise!) told me that she will credit me the full amt. ($214.11). She also told me that I’ll recv. a letter explaining the incident, and the credit will be applied in the next 2-3 cycles. . Of course, I’ll wait to see the credit, but I believe that Chase won’t be another SR! Now I ma so relieved, i can choose a good service rather than just going to viatalk just to get the refund (I am still comparing services, and don’t have any opinion about viatalk yet).

    Chase cards rocks!

  25. I am going back to comcast. Thye offered me a triple play deal that will only cost me $7.00 more a month then what I am currently paying for cable + internet + dvr, etc. Maybe I’ll try this VOiP thing again next year, but for the next 12 months, why not go with what is a simpler bet.

  26. Thought the best and easy way (at least in the interim) is to sign up with Teleblend as the # is the same, the box is the same, no yearly plan, and monthly charges are even lower. Tried to sign up with Teleblend, and got the “Runtime Error”. Looks like they are still setting up!!! Tried to call them as per their support page, asks either to leave a message, or hold. I tried to hold; phone kept on ringing, and then got disconnected. Second time tried to leave a msg., the msg box was full! Not sure if they can handle the load.

  27. Quick update. Finally, I was able to sign up online with Teleblend. At least the service will continue until I find a better alternative.

  28. After my phone went dead, I found instructions and password to unlock my gizmo (SPA-2102) and proceeded to do that. I also changed the admin password from 7UprUtew to one of my choosing. I’ve since signed up with myteleblend today and they’ve charged my CC already. The thing is, they have to be running the sunrocket servers since the gizmo points to sunrockets IP addresses and has their usernames and passwords in it. So myteleblend has to be the old sunrocket reformed if the equipment is to work without changes to it. While I don’t like this, I guess I stuck with it for a while. Time will tell if I switch again. At least I now have control of the gizmo (linksys router) and can choose whoeever I want to use now.

  29. I hope I can get the remaining 8 months refund on my Sunrocket!

    I have just signed up with VOIP.com, and got a 5-minute special of 15 months for $189, but usually it is 12 mo for $199. It includes the features of Sunrocket. Customer service is in the USA! I Googled reviews, and they came up 4 and 5 stars. A little worried that they are a new company 3 yrs old, but am going anyway. 30 day money-back trial. All equipment is free, etc, no other charges. I saw some bad reviews, but most were good. Gotcha is the 30-day free trial is 30 days OR 200 minutes. We’ll see.

  30. A little bit of useful info on Teleblend can be found at http://www.voipspider.com/ and at http://gandhi.wordpress.com/. It appears to be for real, but struggling to get up to speed. I signed up for it Friday. My phone works, but I have no voicemail. The web site has no functionality other than to view your payment record. There is no way to set up call forwarding, check voicemail if I had any, or set up any other features. I guess time will tell. I am less concerned about losing money than I am about losing my phone number, because I use it for my home-based business.

  31. Best deal I’ve seen so far is from Net2phones, they actually seem to honor the SunRocket contract. It seems they have been around forever, the oldest VOIP company you never heard of lol. I had an account with them about 6 years ago and it was okay. They’ve been around even longer it seems since 1999 I think.

    Net2Phone VoiceLine

    3 Free Months for everyone at signup

    Additional Months with proof of SR Contract

    $19.95 / month after the free period


  32. I got a big long letter from Teleblend’s customer service people today giving a rundown on what works, what doesn’t and how come. It’s pretty long and detailed, so I just posted it to my VoipSpider site for those who want to read it. (Click on my name below to go there…)

  33. You know, I did’t think I would get the same service as I did with Sunrocket. But first of all, 8×8, owner of Packet 8 has been around for 20 years. Second, yeah, I didn’t know about this until I got an e-mail on Thursday and thought I had a little time to investigate. Sunrocket gave us 2 choices.

    Teleblend was one they said was EXACTLY like Sunrocket and when I called for questions, I knew they’d be busy, but I am still waiting for someone to call me back because I was on hold (on my cell phone) for 30 minutes. I went ahead and called Packet 8. I got customer service even through SALES! I ordered through the Internet on Friday, I called Monday because I wanted them to overnight it, if possible. They did send it 2 day AND they already ported my old phone number…. I did not have to wait 2-4 weeks.

    Sometimes customer service counts a HECK of a lot!

  34. I was a lingo customer for over a year, but switched to Sunrocket because of one of their “too good to be true” deals. That was 3 months ago now I’m high and dry.
    I will definitely be going back to Lingo. They had clearer reception than SunRocket anyway.

  35. SUNROCKET ORPHANS!!! Joiphone.com has the best offer I’ve found so far and they have been in business for many years. Of course I’d avoid the yearly special…Ya think?! They have a Special for Sunrocket orphans. $9.95 per month. They did charge me a $30.00 startup fee, but the voip modem was free. I received my viop modem the next day overnight delivery so I guess the $30.00 was worth it. They will try to port my old number if possible. Also they did provide a nice selection of new numbers in my area so at least I got to chose a nice number if I have to keep it.
    Also they have a great referral program. If you get referred by a Joiphone customer both of you get $15.00 credit toward your service by entering the referers email that they signed up with. Enter it in the how you found Joiphone “friend” referal box. If GigaOm will allow this to be posted and you don’t know anyone to refer you, I can refer you now and you will get $15.00 off your monthly service fee. Enter my joiphone.com email in the “friends” referral box. Enter wesm1@tampabay.rr.com and you will get $15.00 credit to your service. Then you can refer everyone you know and both of you get $15.00 credit. Get 8 referrals and you will have 1 year service free. You might even be able to make up the money lost to Sunrocket.
    Good luck!

  36. Anyone else get the feeling that “Teleblend” is really the remains of SunRocket operating under a new name?

    Believe me, so called “start up” companies do this all the time. Unfortunately, it’s legal, but it’s shady as hell, and it’s definitely a shitty way to treat customers.

  37. Net2Phones sounds like a great deal, but the company is owned by IDT corporation, which is owned by Howard Jonas, a right wing extremist associated with Pat Robertson, PNAC’s Bill Kristol and the neocon “Liberty Broadcasting” talk radio network.

    If none of that bothers you, go ahead and sign up. But I have no intention of giving my money to such people. Let alone access to my telephone calls.

  38. Stay away from Packet 8. I ordered service from them on 7.20.2007 and still have nothing. No equipment and no response from Packet 8. Just take a look at these emails I’ve sent then decide for yourself if you thing Packet 8 should even be in business.

    8.1.07 _ 7PM …. Another day and still on reply from you regarding this email. I STILL can’t get thru on the phone, I STILL can’t get thru on Live Chat.

    8.1.07: This is the second time I have sent you this email. You must realized that everytime you fail to reply you hurt your company. Please reply today.

    Hey there… I KNOW you are swamped and I’ve tried to be patient. But… I can’t get thru on the phone, I can’t get thru on Live Chat, nothing at Packet 8 seems to be working. I need your help to locate my hardware so I can get my phone service back.

    I signed up with you on 7/20/2007 (Acct. # P8R000000195988)
    My account shows my order was shipped 7/23/2007 (Order #523436000)

    So far I’ve got nothing and NO WAY TO TRACK this. If I knew how you were shipping my order I could track it myself and find out where it is. But you don’t provide that info. and I CAN’T GET THRU to you.

    Help. Help. Help. I signed up with you in confidence that being a 20 year old company you could handle the deal you made with Sun Rocket and the offer you made their customers. Should I have gone with a smaller company? Should I have gone back to regular phone service? I don’t like either option so PLEASE… restore my faith in Packet 8 and contact me! My cell number is (915) 740-XXXX and my bill is going to be outrageous because Packet 8 hasn’t come thru for me yet.

    Please… help me.

  39. Mac users beware …

    With SR, VMs in emails and on the SR website were played inline (using QuickTime?) … Voip.com’s emails contained a wav file that just didn’t play with iTunes and “Listening” to a VM on their website required a dizzing amount of clicks … first it downloaded the wav file, then iTunes opened and played the file. To delete it required clicks both to remove, and then move, the file to trash … but wait, there’s more … next go to the downloads folder to delete the original. Vonage’s emails of VMs work like SR (but does not give me as much info on the CallerID) but “Listening” to a VM on their website is just like Voip.com … oh how I miss the SR software.

    Still looking for an acceptable werivce … BTW Vonage has yet to transfer my SR # and it may be lost as it is “no longer in service or disconnected.” SR has effectively put me out of business.

  40. Packet 8 is worse the sun rocket.

    call their tech support and wait for 2 Hours and NO ONE PICKS UP OR TALKS..

    I have a phone and it it not working and I am trying to reach tech support from past three days.. NO SUCCESS.. Even I have to wait over 20 minutes to call their billing section for cancelling the order..

    Atleast with sun rocket, customer service was neat and clean.. This one is bad.. I would not recomment any one to switch to packet 8.. WORST OF THE LOT

  41. Avoid VOIP.COM at all costs. They may be highly rated on most voip lists , but take it from me , when you have to wait on hold for 1-2 hours and the rep doesn’t like your tone , then THEY WILL hang up on you. I cancelled service , port request was also supposed to cancel , but number ported to them. Am now signed up with current no.2 , packet 8 , hopefully will be more helpful than voip.com. Also was supposed to receive linksys adapter from voip.com but only received grandstream adapter. When I called about it , I was told by numerous sales reps that I would receive the linksys spa phone adapter only to be told by customer service that I would only receive the grandstream adapter which requires you to have a router. This company is totally out of control as is teleblend the reccommended other provider by sunrocket. Called numerous times about my “active” number that was ported on 8-8-07 only to be told by clueless reps that my number still belonged to them. Haven’t been able to receive calls since 8-8-07 , day my number ported and all they say is our techs are working on it. What is it exactly your working on since you don’t have my number any more. At least packet 8 has reps that actually speak and understand the english language. My no. is owned by level 3 which deals with packet 8 so hopefully not too long to delay porting. Am willing to give voip another try , however if things remain the same , I’ll switch back to landline.

  42. I cancelled my subscription wirh Teleblend and the person I talked with told me that she would canceel my agreement and that she would credit my account with the amount I paid. However, Teleblend keeps billing me every month thru Catital One credit card.

    Please credit my account and cancel my account. My ohone number ia 484-905-5118


  43. I switched to Charter phone on Oct. 26. I see a charge from you on 11/22. Please refund this charge and do not charge any more on my credit card.

  44. It has been moving to this for some time now, looks like Phonepower and Magic Jack will be the cheapest and Packet8 will be the most reliable, some of you will be lucky Packet8 will be picking up you as customers. Good Luck!

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