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  1. I don’t understand how any practical use of mobile Pandora is possible while the US providers of mobile internet charge unbelievable amounts of cash for tiny amounts of data. I’m probably missing something here – please educate me. Won’t we burn thru our monthly allotment of data halfway thru “Roadhouse Blues”?

  2. @Jeff – of course you will, that’s the point. It’s a revenue-enhancer for the US telcos. Those of us outside the US, where sensible data plans are the norm, are blocked from the site. Given the worldwide sales of music/share of sales that occur in the US, that explanation is the only one I can think of that holds any water at all.

  3. remind me again how they make money? I have Pandora on 3 separate CE devices, my phone and PCs but still have never given them a cent.

  4. Thank you for that term!

    When people discuss web versus application, its relevancy is limited. The web is the underlying technologies not the browser! Access the stream with whatever tool you have or need. Make a tool to dig deeper.

    I use Pandora on my iPhone in a dock connected to speakers, and rarely in a browser. Caching please!

    1. Michael – Boxee has Pandora, and Boxee is based on XBMC. I can’t imagine it would be too hard to backport it to XBMC.

  5. I love both Pandora and Rhapsody, would prefer to pay one company for the combined functions. After Pandora is done taking over the radio world, I hope they address this.

  6. Umm – maybe some of you should look into WHY music apps aren’t available everywhere? Pandora is only in the US as a condition of allowing it to continue to operate and paying license fees to music holders. It’s the same reason spotify is NOT in the US.

    And who uses pay for play data plans? You should either have an uncapped data plan or no data plan. You can get uncapped data plans from every provider.

  7. Om, last time I checked, ‘Everywhere’ included localities outside the US. Best of luck listening to your Pandora stream next time you visit your family in your home country!

    Even Facebook now counts a greater proportion of their userbase outside the US don’t they? Does that ring any warning bells in corporate America that there are actually other people living outside their shores?

    I know that this is not Pandora’s fault, rather some very short sighted licencing restrictions by the greed ridden music industry.

  8. pandora rocks but so does last.fm, aol radio, yahoo launchcast, play.it, slacker and many others. in fact last has 7 million artist tracks compared to 700,000 on pandora. most online radio platforms, if not all, will be embedded within mobile internet enabled devices including cars. btw, pandora charges once you’ve exceeded a certain number of streaming minutes. will this change? what about in car safety? how are they addressing that?

  9. So “Everywhere” means “Everywhere in the United States”?

    I’m from Europe, should I stop reading gigaom.com?

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