17 thoughts on “Parallels, Cricket, Baseball & Life’s little joys”

  1. Om

    Sorry I missed your panel at VON. Not to ruin your heavenly streaming video, but if you want to get Echostar and install a satellite dish your building most likely can’t prohibit you from doing so under the FCC’s OTARD rules. These issues still come up, but in most cases you will win if you fight the rule or bylaw. If you want more info I can send you the link.


  2. Om
    For the super 8 I am predicting AUS, NZ, SA and SL will make it through.

    that means BAN, IRE, ENG and WI will be eliminated.

    I hate to watch, but you know I can do this with less tension now that India is out.

    Did not know you still follow cricket.

  3. I a wondering why all the streaming solutions are only windows media based? Give some love to quicktime and H.264 or real

  4. Yay! Willow.tv deserves a lot of cheerleading.

    I remember when they started out back in 2002. Since then I haven’t missed a single India series. And as a college student with much of my life constrained to library walls, cricket on a laptop works out much better than cricket over Dish. I’d imagine that is the situation for many folks in North America considering the world cup is during office hours.

    Like all this matters after the trashing our great team has taken. Sadly, I think chief marketing officers in India must be dropping more tears than the players themselves. And what about the dozen Bollywood movies on cricket that were to release in this world cup? I guess they’ll have to keep it for the next world cup. My great team..


  5. Cool stuff, Om. Parallels is indeed great, and I’m sure when regular season kicks off this year, this Washington, DC resident will be watching quite a few Oakland A’s games within Parallels.

    Now, if they can just get DirectX to work, life would be complete. 🙂

  6. there were lots of sites…
    a few shady places that gave real nice streams for 45 bucks… and i could play them fine on VLC for the mac..
    i dont want to mention the sites on a public forum but a little search to any desi grad in america would lead you to a bunch of them.

  7. Unfortunately, one way we (The Netherlands) didn’t want to be in the spotlights this world cup was to be on the receiving end of six sixes in a single over.

    Oh boy… oh well, at least we did beat Scotland. 😉

  8. Great to see that you are a cricket fan. The tournament is actually available on Direct TV for $200.

    I understand they will reduce the price soon for the remaining matches.

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