10 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Sidekick Hack Scandal”

  1. http://hacking.to/paris

    Of course, I made a backup of the various mirrors last night for posterity sake.

    The numbers are legit. While I didn’t Dial-A-Star, we did verify the Windham Bel Age in Hollywood was the correct number.

    Beyond the hack, though, and the various “leaks” of Paris-related media, you have to admit this is an amazing way to stay in the spotlight (good or bad). After all, Paris has no need for money, only fame. Would anyone care about Paris Hilton, the heiress? Nope. But people love to follow Paris Hilton, the slutty socialite.

    She’s got a few more minutes of fame. Especially when her lawyers get ahold of TMobile and Danger.

    Makes you wonder how many teenage girls are going to go out and get a SideKick II and start snapping pics of themselves hoping to get hax0red. Brings a whole new meaning to p2p… porn2public.

  2. well paris hilton is the best person in the world but could you get the movie a night in paris becasue that will be class but stacy keilber is the best person in the world

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