11 thoughts on “PayPal Getting A Makeover”

  1. Paypal sent me an e-mail but didn’t have any examples of the new logos, they say it will automatically update it. I tried to see the pictures at Paypal site, they don’t have much information about it. A simple video demo could have illustrated better, guess they have to learn a lot from Google.

  2. How about increasing the speed of processing payments? It takes them 4 to 5 business days to process current online payments. Even after charging the banks they take extra time before the funds can be delivered to the merchant.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that, who cares if PayPal has better logos or a shiny new look. If they cannot process payments quickly and efficiently all else doesn’t matter.

    They need to focus on making things efficient and quick by innovating in this space. Otherwise I am sure someone like Amazon will eat their lunch.

  3. How exciting! Look at the way they use a light shade of blue with a darker shade of blue. They must have spent millions on the new design.


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