5 thoughts on “Persistent Palm Rumors”

  1. Perhaps PalmSource should look to Blackberry(RIM), for some cooperative arrangement, software wise, that would augment RIM also. That would give Palm(Source) an entry to the enterprise market. Blackberry would enable the wireless communication for Palm, besides being on top of the Treo, for communicating.

    Just a thought, from one on the outside.

  2. It doesn’t make sense for dell to do this. They can simply go to HTC to make them a treo look-alike PPC.
    For information sake : The Treo 650 handset was designed and produced by HTC for PalmOne, As was BenQ P50

  3. PocketPC/Windows Mobile is also “…a closed, proprietary system…” If all Gartner can do is parrot MS then no wonder they are taken less and less seriously every year.

    The only phones or handhelds which are not closed are running Linux. Ken Dulaney, get a job!

  4. Dev –

    Good points, but I assume Dell’s mainly interested in the Treo for it’s easily recognizable and has a fair bit of buzz about it. However, I do agree that HTC, or someone else, could probably develop an even better smartphone than the Treo.

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