3 thoughts on “PGP inventor Phil Zimmermann: Open source, Legislative & judicial actions needed to pushback surveillance state”

  1. I’ve always felt the Cloud can’t be trusted…and this is just one more very significant way in which the Cloud demonstrates it MUST NOT be trusted. We always knew authorities would – legally or illegally – access cloud data. We knew they would use it spy on the bad guys…and the pretty girl at the drug store, their EX-es and anyone else of interest to the people with their hands on the machinery of surveillance. Perks of the job.

    We, of course, have nothing to worry about as long as we aren’t doing anything of interest and the spies think we aren’t doing anything wrong. The important take-away there is what THEY think…..what we think won’t matter if they decide we’re one of the bad guys (or…just interesting).

    I’m looking at doing my email on a PC that isn’t on any network….and only keeping encrypted data on an PC that is on the network…and keys to the encryption won’t be on that PC. As a non-American, I have NO rights or legal defence against their intrusions on my privacy.

  2. Yea Open Source! Freedom to the People! Go comrade go! LOL This whole breach was pretty much allowed by the big companies because those big companies operate OUT OF the USA. Had these been companies elsewhere, this never would have happened.

  3. Technical and non-technical solutions are both created by imperfect humans. The difference is that non-technical solutions — legislation, etc — amount to putting a note in the cookie jar that says you really, really promise not to steal any cookies unless you have a darn good reason.

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