4 thoughts on “Phone, the new PC”

  1. The phone is indeed capable of becoming the new PC, except for the fact that the battery doesnt last as long as you would want it to last. There are many breakthroughs in the capabilities of the phone itself, but there hasnt been a visible progress on the battery side.

  2. Y’know, everyone talks about battery life needing to improve. Maybe we’re looking at it the wrong way. Maybe we should focus more on making components that don’t use so much power in the first place…

    Next year, I’m looking forward to getting a Treo 650 with a portable keyboard and using that as a mini laptop. For whatever reason, I’ve never owned a laptop, and I think the smartphones are going to pass the laptops by decade’s end.

  3. I have no doubt that one could add more and more computing power to a mobile phone that eventually rivals laptop. But can you image how much heat this phone would generate in a confined volume. Literally, it becomes a ‘hot’ rod in your pocket.

  4. Laptops and mobile phones have different uses. It is important that we not forget this. That said, some people will still need the larger screen and the power and storage from a laptop where others, who use laptops today, may find that smartphones will suffice while they’re away from their desktops.

    On a day to day basis, I carry my phone and pda with me for communication: voice, email, etc. I’m not yet ready to get a smartphone, but soon I think I will. When I need to do work or have plenty of power, that’s when my laptop comes with me.

    Phones have a ways to go, but I feel there will be a new technology revolution with smartphones in the spotlight.

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